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Our firm is a second generation family business that has been active in the life insurance market for more than four decades.  At David Capital Partners we focus on two key areas of life insurance planning: Bank Owned Life Insurance and Premium Financing.

An effective Bank Owned Life Insurance program is designed to increase the bank’s earnings, increase shareholder value, reduce taxable income and offset employee expenses.  There is currently $226 billion of BOLI in the marketplace across the US.  BOLI provides community banks with a stable asset that allows them to focus on the continued growth, provide stable earnings and retain key executives in their respective communities.

Our second area of focus is Premium Finance Life Insurance.  This concept involves borrowing funds to pay all or some of the premiums for a life insurance policy.  A well designed plan allows the client to retain working capital while continuing to grow and develop assets.  Family and closely-held companies are the drivers of our economy and we are proud to play a role in that sustainability.

Our commitment to bring meaningful strategies to the families and businesses of Oklahoma and our surrounding region is stronger than ever.  





As 2023 comes to a close, there is certainly a lot to take away from this year. Early on, we were trying to determine how high rates would go. As we close out fourth-quarter, there is increasing discussion on how soon rate cuts will happen. No doubt it has been one of the more challenging times for our bank partners and clients. 

Our goal at all times is to manage risk as if we were sitting in your seat and to provide meaningful results. As we look back at the challenges the last several years have posed, it’s encouraging that we’ve been able to deliver that stability as a partner. I am thankful for the relationships we’ve built and look forward to continuing that stability into 2024.




David Capital Partners, Inc. is a life insurance and financial services agency working with clients and community banks to create, protect, and distribute wealth. We protect our clients from the financial hazards of living too long, dying too soon, or becoming disabled.

The David Capital Group, Ltd. was founded in 1991. The original purpose was to establish a life insurance and financial services agency to supplement the general agency operations of its founder, James R. David, who had operated primarily as a sole proprietor since 1973. 

In 1979, David Capital began working with community banks and completed its first Bank Owned Life Insurance Program. In working with our key carrier relationships, BOLI has become one of our firm’s primary areas of focus. We have continued to build a number of BOLI programs with several banks throughout the Midwest. Using our proprietary software and a commitment to access the latest banking data available, our firm has been able to provide stable earnings and shareholder value for more than 40 years.

In early 1999 the agency’s insurance license and corporate charter were amended to reflect its new name. The sole proprietorship transferred operations and contracts into The David Capital Group, Ltd.

Currently, David Capital Partners, Inc. continues to utilize key relationships with several major insurance carriers and financial marketing organizations. 

Overall, our agency can be characterized as a market driven independent agency in the advanced underwriting markets. David Capital Partners, Inc. enjoys an established track record of excellence with our clients and producers. Their expressions of satisfaction and encouragement are numerous, and we intend to continue our advances and growth in the marketplace with more unique and effective products.


Teamwork begins by building trust.  Trust begins by building relationships.


It takes dedication and perseverance to build generational wealth. If you are like most entrepreneurs, you’ve worked hard and made many sacrifices to grow your business or estate. It’s important to put as much meaningful energy into protecting your legacy as you did building it.  

Proper planning can help you protect your estate, ensure the continuation of your business and help ensure a succession in the manner of your choosing.  Our firm provides experience and focus to do just that.



BOLI policies can provide a source of liquidity in the event of an unexpected loss of key employees.


BOLI policies offer tax advantages that are not available with traditional investments. The death benefit proceeds of BOLI policies are generally tax-free to the bank, and the cash value of the policies grows tax deferred.


BOLI can provide diversification to the investment portfolio, as it is a separate asset class not directly correlated with traditional investments, such as securities and bonds. BOLI’s tax deferred earnings provide a hedge against interest rate risk.


BOLI policies can help the bank offset the costs of employee benefits and executive compensation. BOLI has the ability to provide supplemental retirement plans for key executives as a way to recruit and retain.


Purchase your life insurance policy by paying only interest to the lender if you have sufficient collateral.

Obtain a significant amount of life insurance with limited upfront out-of-pocket costs.

Preserve, maintain and continue to build assets instead of using those assets to fund a life insurance policy.

Spread payments over an established period-of-time for better control of cash flow.

Leverage assets and free up capital for other business-critical needs.

Leverage your annual gift-tax exclusions or lifetime exemption to transfer other assets estate-tax-free.



Provides coverage for a specified period, offering financial protection to beneficiaries if the insured individual passes away during the policy term.


A type of permanent life insurance that provides lifelong coverage with a cash value component, serving as both protection and an investment vehicle.


A long-term financial tool that offers lifetime coverage along with a cash value component, providing both protection and the potential for financial growth.


Flexible and adjustable form of permanent life insurance that allows policyholders to vary their premium payments and death benefits, offering potential cash value growth and lifetime coverage.


Financial safety net that provides income replacement in the event of a disabling injury or illness, ensuring you can meet your financial obligations even when you are unable to work.

Partners You Can Trust

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Joe Crossley serves as our President and CEO. His mission is to partner with fellow CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs to grow and protect their personal and professional legacies. He grew up in Okarche, Oklahoma as part of a fifth generation farm family.

After starting his career in the PGA of America, Joe quickly rose through the ranks within the Operations Management division. He served on teams for the Senior PGA Championship, two PGA Championships and the Ryder Cup. In 2008, Joe returned to his home state and joined the Oklahoma City Thunder as the Manager of Marketing Strategies. His work in developing and building the Oklahoma City Thunder brand still resonates today throughout the organization.

In 2011, after experiencing a personal injury, his path was led to MassMutual Oklahoma. There he met Jim David, our founder and Chairman, quickly developing a shared vision. Over the next several years Joe and Jim would cultivate the evolution of what is now David Capital Partners. For nearly a decade, he has worked with companies, startups, estates and community banks to insure their needs. His knowledge of what truly drives conversations throughout our state, the industries that are essential and the importance of their sustainability is unique to our clients. His story is defined by the experiences and challenges our clients have faced while approaching them with a relentless optimism.

In July 2023, Joe completed the Graduate School of Banking Colorado program along with a number of bankers from around the country. Through unwavering commitment and rigorous study, Joe has emerged with a thorough understanding of banking’s intricate dynamics. This achievement reinforces David Capital’s commitment to our banking partners and how we can be a proficient resource for years to come.

In addition, his extensive work throughout the state of Oklahoma continues as a producer on the family farm. He and his father-in-law currently operate 1500 acres of cropland and pasture, focusing primarily on winter wheat. Joe also holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and International Business from Oklahoma State University.



Jim David serves as the Executive Chairman for David Capital Partners, an Oklahoma City based life insurance firm providing insured financial capital to fund estate, succession, and business needs.   He has served the insurance industry since 1973, working for individuals, families, private and public companies.  His specialty is working with community banks and funding large estate tax needs.

Born in Poteau, OK at the bottom of “The World’s Highest Hill”, he is a graduate of Muskogee High School.  Jim earned a B.S. degree from Oklahoma State University in Life Insurance and Risk Management and has advance degrees from The American College in Bryn Mawr, PA.  Jim has served as the State President of the Oklahoma Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors and Chairman of the Board for the CompSource Mutual Insurance Company, the leading provider of workers’ compensation in Oklahoma.  His professional career has included serving as Career, District and General Agent for major life insurance companies.  

Currently he is one of only six life insurance producers in Oklahoma with membership in the prestigious Advance Association for Life Underwriting (A.A.L.U.) in Washington, D.C.  He has been named the outstanding Life Insurance Agent in Oklahoma.  His entire insurance career has been protecting his clients from the financial hazards of living too long, dying too soon, or becoming disabled.

At the young age of 13, Jim received his Eagle Award presented to him by former United States Speaker of the House, Carl Albert.  His daughters frequently tell him that he can do anything because he is an Eagle Scout!  Today, he continues his loyalty to the Boy Scouts and serves as an Executive Board Member for the Last Frontier Council BSA. 

In his church, he serves on the Board of Trustees for St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Oklahoma City.  In addition, he is an active member of the Oklahoma Bankers Association, Community Bankers Association of Oklahoma, OKC Estate Planning Council, The State Chamber and Rotary Club 29.

He resides in Edmond, OK with his wife, of 41 years, Cyndi.  They have three daughters and 7 grandchildren.  They relax at their lake home, enjoy old cars and travel.



Regan joined the team in June 2018.  She is a graduate of Oklahoma State University, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting.  She has previously worked in the Oil and Gas Industry, in the areas of Revenue Accounting and field services accounting.  Regan is an associate member of the BOLI team at David Capital Partners, where she works to provide a detailed pre-purchase analysis for our clients. 

She is also passionate about helping young families learn about life insurance options and helping them to begin building layers of financial protection for their future as they begin their adult and professional lives.  Regan cares deeply for families with special needs and the desire to find adequate coverage for their loved ones.  Whether it is a rare disease, a difficult medical history, or other indicators that may otherwise make it challenging to obtain coverage, Regan is eager to help clients find coverage that will help meet the needs of their family.

Regan is a lifelong Oklahoma resident and currently resides in Edmond with her husband, Michael, and three sons.  She and her husband enjoy real estate and design, traveling, lake weekends, gardening and enjoying moments with their boys.



Taylor joined the David Capital Partners team in September 2019.  She studied Mass Communications at Oklahoma State University.  She has worked in the non-profit sector and in the oil and gas industry throughout her career.  

As the Director of Marketing, she heads the creative and behind-the-scenes operations for the team.  

A lifelong Oklahoma resident, Taylor and her two children live in North Edmond.  She enjoys writing, traveling, doing anything creative and renovating her country home.